Who we are

We are a group of professionals who have been working since 2003 for the transformation and social change through the audiovisual.

Fora de Quadre was born in 2003, when the “Diari de la pau” (Peace diary) was created, a weekly publication which reached newsstands throughout Catalonia and was a response to the war in Iraq.

Since then, we have developed a hundred projects and fifteen documentaries, awarded at various film festivals and broadcased by the Catalan and the Barcelona Television.

Since 2018 we have been based at the Parc Sandaru Civic Centre in Barcelona, ​​we are part of Lafede.cat and a driving force behind community television La Veïnal.

We are a non-profit organisation runned mainly by women and we have an integrated gender perspective. We work for the promotion of a culture of peace, the defense of human rights, cooperation between countries, awareness-raising in global justice, feminism and the prevention of gender-based violence. We make decisions in quarterly assemblies and we do networking with other entities and social movements.

As Serge Daney of Cahiers du Cinéma says, we think that a cause without an image is not just an ignored cause: it is a lost cause.


Social commitment: we are committed to minorities and the periphery. We defend committed journalism, giving with the audiovisual the voice to those who do not normally have it, encouraging critical thinking and denouncing injustices. We are not neutral, and we don’t intent our work to be neutral either. We want a fairer, more egalitarian and diverse society, and we are committed to the so-called “Solution journalism” and to film-making in order to achieve it.

Collaborative management: We work horizontally, making decisions together, working so that power relations are not established. We maintain constant and transparent communication with members and include them, as far as possible, in decision-making, through participatory processes. We also look for professionalism and efficiency. We are a part of a network and cooperate with other entities and social movements, looking for synergies which allow us to go further.

Entrepreneurship:we are idealistic and ambitious but also realistic, strategic and we struggle to achieve our goals. We do not fall into the utopian but unrealistic dreams, nor do we fall into thoughtless activism. The social concerns that move us are urgent and we confront them with optimism, creativity and desire.

Rigor: we live in environments overloaded with uncontrasted communicative messages. We are committed to rigorous, honest, responsible, fair and quality journalism. We advocate for documented and contrasted information which promotes reflection and analysis. We are also committed to creativity and a transformative culture.


Registration numbers

Register of non-governmental organizations for development (ONGDs), managed by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD): 433.

Spanish Ministry of the Interior Registry: 621433

AECID Register of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 3282

The current board of directors is formed by Maria Ortiz (chairman), Anna Masllorens (secretary) and Cesc Mas (treasurer). In accordance with the provisions of article 15.2 of the Catalan Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, the board of the entity does not receive any remuneration.

Last February 2022, our organization approved an internal protocol for the prevention and treatment of sexual and sexual harassment.